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Groupon Deals of the Moment - July 27, 2017

Groupon is currently offering an additional 20% off of up to three local deals!  SALE3 is the code.

Up to 42% off at Boulders on Southern - a great place for happy hours filled with craft beer.

Up to 54% off of wine tasting at Oak Creek Vineyards in Cottonwood.

$14.99 Beer package for two at Phoenix Ale Brewery.

Up to 40% off at Scottsdale Rose Fest.

Up to 25% off at Superstition Meadery in Prescott.

Up to 29% off Urban Jungle Fun Park.

Up to 56% off at OdySea Laser Maze.

Up to 35% off at Creamistry at the Scottsdale Waterfront.

Up to 63% off of golf at the Phoenician.

40% off at the Desert Botanical Gardens.

Up to 83% off of standup comedy at the Tempe Improv!

28% off at Flagstaff Extreme Adventure Course.

51% off The Ultimate Wine Run.

Disclaimer:  I am merely curating these links to Groupon.  I disclaim all liability, reserve all rights, and make no warranties for the use of these links to navigate to Groupon or for use of any of the Groupon offers.  

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Wednesday's Weekend Wishlist

Well, it's Wednesday again.  The day best known for keeping your weekly calendar from being laterally symmetrical, and for making Meredith blush and giggle in 1st grade phonics when it was sounded out as Wed-Nes-Day and had a drawing of a bride and groom to emphasize the "wed" sound.  

And because without further help, reading those tidbits would be literally the most interesting part of Wednesday, here's a roundup of things to do this weekend.  And by "weekend," I mean Thursday to Sunday…because we can't exclude Friday-eve or Sunday Funday from the mix!

Win a trip to Breckenridge!

Win a trip to Breckenridge, CO! Presented by Breckenridge Grand Vacations: win 5 nights at a Breckenridge resort and $2,000 for airfare and fun!  

Disclaimer:  I earn additional entries for click throughs on this link.  I am merely providing a link and am not affiliated with any of the sponsors.  I disclaim all liability, reserve all rights, and make no warranties for the use of this link to enter the contest.

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'Yummy Yummy Chinese' food is best purchased elsewhere

Today in GTFO's adventures in dining out, we find ourselves at Yummy Yummy Chinese Restaurant.  YYCR is, obviously, a Chinese restaurant, which is located near Noodles Ranch and Chipotle in the Scottsdale Crossing shopping strip on the southeast corner of Scottsdale and Thomas. YYCR offers dine-in options, as well as online ordering, delivery with $15 minimum, and is connected to Grubhub and Seamless.  

Beat the Heat: How to Stay Safe on Your Summer Camping Adventure

Guest post by Michael Bourke, the co-creator of SciCamps, which is currently in its very early stages, but aims to provide people with learning resources outside of the classroom. Michael is a former boy scout and is a current lover of the outdoors and nature.
Warmer weather, longer days, no school, and vacation time make summer the perfect time of year to round up the family and head out on a camping trip. However, both summer and camping bring their own set of safety issues, so make sure you are prepared so this doesn’t become the camping trip you wish you could forget.

Prime Day Deals to Get the Fun Out!

It's Prime Day and there are some great deals available for outdoors gear, so if you need to stock up for the summer and fall travel/camping/hiking/fishing/hunting/boating/etc seasons, it's a great time to do it.

Here are some deals to get you started. It should be no surprise that I make money if you click one of the Amazon links and then buy things; that's the only meaningful source of revenue for GTFO, so if you don't see anything interesting in this post still click through one of my Amazon links to do your shopping. [aside from the Fenix 3 and Salomon 4d GTX, each ofwhich I have worn and love, the products listed below are listed for convenience and are not endorsements of those specific products]:

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