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Prime Day Deals to Get the Fun Out!

Your bed after Prime Day!!
It's Prime Day and there are some great deals available for outdoors gear, so if you need to stock up for the summer and fall travel/camping/hiking/fishing/hunting/boating/etc seasons, it's a great time to do it.

Here are some deals to get you started. It should be no surprise that I make money if you click one of the Amazon links and then buy things; that's the only meaningful source of revenue for GTFO, so if you don't see anything interesting in this post still click through one of my Amazon links to do your shopping. [aside from the Fenix 3 and Salomon 4d GTX, each ofwhich I have worn and love, the products listed below are listed for convenience and are not endorsements of those specific products]:

Take your workouts, hikes, and even your golf game to the next level with a Garmin fitness tracker watch:

Just want to hang out? Grab a hammock:

Cooling towels are now an indispensable part of my hiking gear.

Need to update your camp/backpacking kitchen? Here's a nice kitchen set from MSR:

If you've ever been to Germany you've probably seen plenty of people trotting around in Jack Wolfskin gear. Here's a hiing backpack:

Need a new tent? Here are a few options for backpacking and car camping, each with an additional 25% off at checkout:

A thermarest pillow great for travel, car camping, and maybe even backpacking:

Go old-school with your sleeping pad and never worry about it springing a leak:

Or shed some weight with this inflatable and foam padded thermarest pad:

Or car camp in luxury with this cot and air mattress:

Make sure your photography game is on point (& shoot. ha!):

Great selection of Salomon trail runners and hiking boots (including my favorite, the 4d GTX that took me down Havasupai and across the Inca Trail):

Need a new bag for the gym, the overhead bin, or to stash your camera:

Assorted other camping gear:

Gaia x GTFO = Discounted GPS!


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