A Weekend in the City: South Lake Tahoe

Last weekend was a great time to get away to Lake Tahoe for a holiday weekend.  Whether it's hiking or gambling or relaxing by the lake-shore or sipping a beer by a fireplace, there's something for all tastes in the Tahoe shoulder-season.  Admittedly, early November probably isn't widely thought of as "a great time to get away to Lake Tahoe" by many people...but that was one of the benefits of the timing.  If you're a Phoenician, just grab your winter coat and gloves along with your backpack and hiking boots and get set for a weekend in the wild.

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Exploring the Wine Country, of Virginia

Yes, you read that correctly--Virginia does have a wine country.  While Virginia is certainly not as well known as Napa or Sonoma, the state puts out delicious wines, is incredibly scenic, and chances are it's much more accessible to a larger number of people than California's destinations.

Time for a clarification already:  the entire state of Virginia supports grapes and features wineries, so when I talk about "wine country" I'm talking generally about the wineries in the Monticello American Viticultural Area (MAVA) of central Virginia between Charlottesville and Staunton.  This is the area in which Thomas Jefferson initiated the phenomenon of American wine, arguably making the MAVA the grandfather of California's wine country.

Within the MAVA are at least 33 wineries that meet the requirements for inclusion on the Monticello Wine Trail list.  And in case you want some variety, there are also numerous breweries, some distilleries, and a handful of cideries…

So you wanna go fly fishing!

Image fishing...super intricate, crazy expensive, and only fit for the most hardcore anglers, right?  I've fished for 30-odd years and that's definitely what I thought, but boy was I wrong!  I've always aspired to fly fish but never took any steps because it was so intimidating.  Recently I lucked into some no-longer used gear and met an extremely gracious fisherman who showed me the ropes and it broke down all my preconceived notions about the sport.

3 Fun Outdoor Activities to Boost Your Mood; guest post

Guest post by Michael Bourke, the co-creator of SciCamps, which is currently in its very early stages, but aims to provide people with learning resources outside of the classroom. Michael is a former boy scout and is a current lover of the outdoors and nature.

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Weekend Wonders with Gaia GPS

For the last year I've been using Gaia GPS premium to map hiking routes, scout hunts, and explore Arizona from my computer or phone.  When I recently found myself with a free weekend for camping I took to Gaia's "outdoors" layer to find a hike-in campsite near a lake/pond/large-stream that wouldn't likely be packed with other campers.  Sounds like a tall order in Phoenix, right?

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Chocolate Falls...sweet view!!

After years of seeing photos of Chocolate Falls and thinking "wow, that looks awesome, I wanna check that out sometime!"  I finally checked it out sometime!  It only took, like, a decade to put in the effort to Google "Chocolate Falls" and learn 1 - it's actually called Grand Falls, and 2 - it's just right outside of Flagstaff.  And thanks to photos popping up in my Instagram feed, I knew it was time to go.

Since this is a short day trip, use Gaia GPS to find some nearby hikes while you're up in the beautiful Flagstaff Area.

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