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'Yummy Yummy Chinese' food is best purchased elsewhere

Yummy Yummy Chinese Ranch
Today in GTFO's adventures in dining out, we find ourselves at Yummy Yummy Chinese Restaurant.  YYCR is, obviously, a Chinese restaurant, which is located near Noodles Ranch and Chipotle in the Scottsdale Crossing shopping strip on the southeast corner of Scottsdale and Thomas. YYCR offers dine-in options, as well as online ordering, delivery with $15 minimum, and is connected to Grubhub and Seamless.  

Sometimes when I try to think of wordplay, I find myself wondering if in my attempts at puns I'm accidentally exploring the etymology of a word.  For example, when I thought to myself "I could pass on this food...that makes it pass-able." I then began to wonder if "passable" originally intended to mean something you would decline but then came to be used to mean mediocre or tolerable.  I could Google it, probably, but that's beside the point, which is that I wish I could go back in time and pass on Yummy Yummy Chinese Restaurant for something a little more "yummy yummy." 

My initial plan was to grab pho at Noodles Ranch to feed the craving that started after I declined an offer to get pho for lunch.  Unfortunately for my culinary experience, Noodles is closed for a two-week summer vacation.  As I resigned myself to Chipotle I noticed a picture of pad thai in a window down from Noodles Ranch.  Figuring one noodle dish would satisfy like another, I decided to give YYCR a whirl.

When I walked in, I was struck about now no-frills it was and greeted by an array of plastic-ware.  Toward the back, various bulk ingredients, soda bottles, and other restaurant necessities line the hallway to the unisex bathroom.  There was a light hint of air conditioning, enough to avoid misery but not quite reach comfort.  Not minding--and often prefering--a dive, the ambiance didn't play into my experience either positively or negatively.  And I enjoyed the carnival-like end to the Tottenham/Roma game as I ate. (seriously, Tottenham scored 2 in the final 5min of regulation to draw even, then Roma pulled back ahead in the final seconds of energy time with an incredible surge from the kickoff!)

They must have a bustling business of pickup and delivery orders because despite the restaurant being empty save the woman waiting on her pickup order, it took some time to see an employee emerge from the crackling kitchen.  Throughout the time I was there I saw countless meals being put together for pickup.  Though initially daunted by the lack of dine-in customers, I was heartened by the amount of food coming out of the kitchen and my fears of old, tired food being cooked were assuaged.

Recently committed to lazy veganism (a 'don't ask, don't tell' approach to ingredients), I scanned the  menu for a veggie dish. The wide variety of vegetable dishes in Chinese restaurants meant an unusually welcome selection of entrees.  Though initially drawn to pad thai, my attention quickly shifted to bean curd with fresh zucchini and garlic sauce.  A moment of examination later and I found the answer I've been seeking since going vegetarian for New Years--General Tso's Tofu!!

So that's what I ordered, figuring my general aversion to tofu would be easily defeated by my general lust for all things battered and deep fried, then coated in a luxurious sauce and served over rice--also fried.

General Tso's Tofu - 6/10
General Tso's Tofu with Rice - 5/7
Eh, not so much.  Most disappointingly, the tofu was not battered and fried.  Which is literally the only reason to get General Tso's anything...I mean, if they just served General Tso's batter and cut chicken out of the equation all together I would have been happy, even when a carnivore.  Aside from that, it was just tolerable.  The first few bites were satisfying, if not blazing hot.  After that, though, it quickly just became tofu cubes in sauce on Styrofoam.  And not particularly cheap, either, coming to about $12.50, without drink, before tip.  

On the plus side, though, as far as I know I was able to stay vegan.  There was no egg or obvious pork in the rice, and tofu know...tofu.  

I don't crave Chinese food often, but next time I do I'll have to remember to try Totties Asian Fusion or New China Gate instead.

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