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Kids Hiking Carriers - Say Insurance Collab

A couple happy hikers!

Welcome to the first post on GTFO Kids!  I started this sub-blog as a new parent thinking it would be a great opportunity to share what I learn as a parent...turns out kids take up a lot of time and energy...  Luckily the fine folks at Say Insurance put together a great infographic on kids hiking carriers to help you, and me, get going!

Worn out from hiking
As an outdoors lover, having a capable hiking carrier has been clutch in being able to explore with the kid.  While she was still a baby--and thus too small for a carrier--we relied on the Baby K'tan and the Baby Bjorn to carry her on hikes.  While the chest-carrier style devices work well enough, and are probably the only option for infants, they aren't ideal.  First, having another human on your chest while hiking gets hot for both of you quickly--to that end, the baby K'tan was our preference because it's much more light and breathable, though Baby Bjorn has a mesh version we didn't know about.  Second, you have to either guess what layers will be comfortable once your body warms up or deal with being overly hot, because when that infant invariably falls asleep on your chest you're not taking them off to de-layer.  So once they can graduate to a carrier it's great because it fits and feels just like a backpack, and it can be smoothly taken off so as not to disturb that sleeping child.

Amazon has loads of choices of hiking carriers.  But when it comes to carrying my child on my back through the woods I'm only going to trust established brands I have experience with.  That narrows it down to OspreyDeuter, and Kelty.  I've seen the social media ads of the carrier that allows your kid to ride on your shoulders, and while I'm sure they'll get a kick out of that for a minute I struggle to understand how that's supposed to be, don't these people have trees and doorways where they live?

Now, for the content from Say Insurance to help you compare features and make your purchase!

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Gaia x GTFO = Discounted GPS!


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