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Best Arizona Cities for Digital Nomads

Guest post by Joyce Wilson

If you’re thinking of taking your digital nomad adventure to Arizona, you’re in luck - this state boasts several great cities for entrepreneurs! You can turn to resources like GetTheFunOut to start planning out your time in AZ. In the meantime, you may want to consider adding these cities to your itinerary.

 Best Business Practices

 Before you hit the road, it’s important to implement certain best practices in your business strategy. As a digital nomad, you’ll want to keep up with client communications and meetings across time zones, schedule down time between travel days, and attend networking events in different cities. You will also want to set up an LLC for your business for tax breaks and flexibility. Filing can be affordable with an online formation service rather than a lawyer! You may want to file for incorporation in the state where your family lives.

 In addition, you will need to continuously market your business. It’s a good idea to think beyond digital methods, like social media marketing, and focus on offline methods, too. For example, you can create business cards to hand out during your travels! Business cards make a great visual impression and help clients remember you. You can design a personalized card in minutes with a business card maker - just add your color scheme, text, ideal font, and any images.


 If you are searching for an apartment in Phoenix, you may want to live in the Downtown Core, where you’ll be able to easily access popular coworking spaces, shops and restaurants by using the Light Rail. Depending on where you live, you can expect to spend about $1,000 per month on rent. During your downtime, Bellhop recommends checking out local attractions like the Phoenix Art Museum or the Phoenix Symphony Hall.


 Maybe you would like to stay near the Phoenix area, but you’re just not sure if a big city is right for you. In Mesa, you can enjoy the benefits of living near Phoenix with the feel of a smaller community. The cost of living is a bit cheaper, and if you go apartment-hunting in the Mesa Groves neighborhood, you’ll be just a short drive away from Phoenix. When you want to break a sweat in your time off, you can head to the Usery Regional Mountain Park!


Do you prefer the atmosphere of a college town? If so, Tempe might be the perfect Arizona city for you! Tempe is the stomping ground for students at Arizona State University, so this is a fun, laid-back city with great nightlife. If you’d like to rent a one-bedroom apartment in the city, Mentors Moving states that you should anticipate paying around $1,237 per month. If you want to relax outdoors, you can check out Kiwanis Park, or if you’d like a day of adventure, swing by Big Surf Waterpark!


 While the cost of living in Scottsdale can be higher than other cities in Arizona, residents often find that the price tag is worth it for the gorgeous local scenery! If you settle down in Scottsdale for a little while, you may need to budget a bit more in order to rent a house rather than an apartment. But you’ll be able to explore the desert whenever you want - after all, it’s practically in your backyard!

 Arizona is a great state for remote business owners and digital nomads. You’ll meet lots of like-minded people and enjoy the benefits of a reasonable cost of living! With these details, you’ll be ready to plot out your Arizona trip.

 Heading to Arizona? Make sure to check out GetTheFunOut to create your travel itinerary! Browse our website for tips on fun things to do across the state today.

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Gaia x GTFO = Discounted GPS!


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