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Running Your Small Business While Camping

Another great guest post from Joyce Wilson!

Time spent outdoors can be good for both physical and mental health, and camping can be a
fun adventure. If you own a small business, you might feel that you can’t leave town and go
camping, but it is possible to do both. Read on for some great tips and resources, courtesy of
Plan How You’ll Access the Internet

Reliable web access is critical for staying in touch and addressing issues that come up. So
before you go, figure out how you’ll do this. You might be able to use the data plan from your
cell phone if you simply need to be able to text, talk, and email. A portable wifi hotspot can be
the answer in some cases. If the signal at the campground is weak, a portable router to boost
the connection could be helpful. If you’re not going far into the wilderness, public wifi is often
available at campgrounds, local businesses, or places like public libraries. However, if you are
going to a remote area, your best option may be satellite internet, which can be expensive, but it
may be your only option.

Keep Everything Charged

Keeping your devices charged is an important concern. You can bring along extra batteries,
power banks, and even a portable solar-powered charger. Solar generators are also a
possibility, although they may be heavy. As long as the sun shines, you’re in good shape with
solar power, and the other devices will need to be charged periodically at electrical outlets.
Sometimes campgrounds have these, and in other cases, public sources, such as
coffeehouses, where you can plug in will be needed.

Selecting Your Campsite

When possible, your campsite should be selected with internet access in mind. If you’re at a
campground that offers wifi, try to pitch your tent near the router. If you’re using your cell phone,
then areas closer to the highway or to the park entrance may get better reception. Many state
parks offer internet access, although many of the larger national parks do not. Take time to
check as you’re planning your trip. If you’re headed to a remote area and using satellite access
to the internet, then you’ll have more flexibility in where you set up camp. You might want to be
near a covered picnic table or shelter so you’ll have a good place to work, out of the weather
and glare of the sun.

Managing Your Business

Before you depart on the trip, you’ll need to delegate as much of your normal workload as
possible. Some things you can manage remotely, but others will require people physically
present at the business. So while you’re planning, be sure to delegate work to employees,
freelancers, or even a virtual assistant. Try to schedule as few tasks as possible that require the
internet on your end. It’s also important to set regular times that you will check in with the office
and regular hours you plan to work and be available to answer questions. Remember to allow
yourself to enjoy the camping trip as well as keep up with your business.

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Consider Continuing Education Courses

Many degrees and certification programs can now be completed online, and although you might
not earn the entire degree while camping, you should be able to keep up if you plan to have wifi
access. In fact, you might get some information technology (IT) certifications that could be quite
useful in balancing running your business and enjoying your love of camping. While researching
IT certificate programs, consider how much in-person time is required, credit hours needed, and
courses offered.

Take the Right Equipment

If you’re camping near your vehicle, you may want to bring a comfortable camp chair and even
a portable desk where you can work. Otherwise, you’ll need a reliable camp light, such as an
LED lantern, and good weather protection for all your electronic gear. Be sure to bring plenty of
extra cords, batteries, and a spare charger and power source.

Although camping and running a business remotely might seem like two incompatible activities,
they don’t have to be. With adequate planning, you can maintain internet access, delegate
many of your responsibilities, enjoy the great outdoors, and keep your business running

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Gaia x GTFO = Discounted GPS!


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