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GTFO Events and Activities Calendar!  Email any events to add.  Below the Google calendar are events calendars published by AZ publications and cultural centers.

*while I strive for accuracy, I cannot guarantee there has been no input error or rescheduling, check with the venue to ensure correctness... You assume the risk of using this calendar and attending any events listed.

Local events calendars from area publications or cultural centers.  Please let me know others to include.

Arizona Highways events calendar - select events by region.

Downtown Prescott events - chock full of festivals during the summer, all dolled up for Christmas during the winter.!__events

Prescott Daily Courier events calendar - - refine events by date and type - sports, festivals, food, etc.  This is a great calendar with lots of opportunities for the state. - The AZ Central events list.  Refine by city/town, date, or run a word search to further narrow results. - The Phoenix New Times events list, an all-encompassing (sometimes overwhelmingly so) list of what is going on in Phoenix.  Refine by neighborhood, event type, and date.

Scottsdale Library events for adults and children -

Phoenix Library events for adults and children -

Pima County Public Library events for adults and children - (Pima includes Tucson) - a craft and art heavy list of events.  Refine by date and location. - list sorted by date of events in Arizona. - list of shows featuring arts, crafts, minerals, etc.


nel said…
I'd recommend listing the Arizona Highways Calendar, too :)
GTFO Jason said…
Thanks, I don't know how that slipped past me!

Gaia x GTFO = Discounted GPS!


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