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How to find mouthwatering regional cuisine--Pacific Northwest!

It's getting to be fresh salmon season in the Pacific Northwest, so here's the latest edition of the Say Insurance collaboration, written by Anthony St. Clair:  Salmon.

Pacific Northwest: Salmon

Alaska, Oregon, Washington, Idaho, and Montana

Salmon is the anything fish.

Called a First Food by many Pacific Northwest Native American tribes — meaning it’s honored at tribal ceremonies — salmon has been long revered for its nutrition, flavor, and versatility.

Delicate yet meaty and more assertively flavored than other fish, the beauty of salmon is that there are just as many ways to enjoy it as there are different cultures, climates, and cuisines throughout the Northwest. Salmon’s unique flavor, color, and texture give it a versatility unmatched by possibly all other fish in the sea.

Here are just a few ways you can treat yourself to salmon throughout your Northwest journeys.

  • Roasted or grilled (especially when cooked and served on a plank of aromatic wood such as alder or cedar)
  • Sautéed
  • Mixed with pasta and a butter sauce
  • In a sandwich or burger
  • As fish and chips
  • In a chowder
  • On a salad
  • As sashimi or nigiri sushi
  • In pastries such as piroshky

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Gaia x GTFO = Discounted GPS!


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