Gaia x GTFO = Discounted GPS!


GTFO Adventurer's Gift Guide

Whether you have someone who loves adventuring around the world or around the neighborhood, here are some fantastic gifts to keep them going.

Adventures around town:
Adventures around town always seem to be done by bicycle.  Whether it's a leisurely ride around town, a morning jaunt to brunch and coffee, or an afternoon outing to a wine bar or brewery, these gifts will help make the most of any outing.  


Road Trip Time:
With so many amazing destinations a short ride away in the southwest, road trips are an indispensable tool in the adventurer's belt.  While the journey is all about the destination, it's important to make sure you arrive with everything you need and have room to bring home a few goodies.

Car Camping Kit:
Car camping combines all the fun of the great outdoors with the ability to bring along an embarrassingly large number of creature comforts.  

Adventures with dogs:
When four-legged friends are tagging along there are a few more considerations to bring along everything they need, and bring home (or to the trashcan) everything they leave behind.

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Gaia x GTFO = Discounted GPS!


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