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This is How You Can Enjoy the Outdoors While Social Distancing

Guest post by Henry Moore discussing ways to enjoy the outdoors while social distancing.

Mountain Biking for All Skill Levels

Mountain biking can be fun for kids of all ages—as long as they know how to ride a bike first. Tweens and teens, especially, will enjoy getting out and active as a family. Solo adventurers may also welcome the challenge of traversing a mountain alone.

You’ll want to plan for an all-day mountain biking excursion in most cases—and pack plenty of gear for everyone. For younger kids, be sure to schedule snack breaks and rest periods, too.

Backyard Camping for the Kids

Younger kids, especially, will love camping out in the backyard. But even older kids can have fun spotting stars, playing games, and enjoying campfire treats. Spending one evening and night in the backyard is probably enough—and it won’t take much preparation, either.

  • DIY a backyard camping tent for a family-friendly togetherness activity.

  • Explore your surroundings and learn what trees are growing in your own backyard with HomeAdvisor’s handy guide.

  • Parenting suggests playing all-ages games at dusk and after dark.

Try a New Sport at Local Parks

Since playground equipment is still off-limits in most places, you’ll need to get creative when using parks and other public spaces. But plenty of sports are both family-friendly and easy to do while social distancing.

Social distancing might be the most challenging part of staying healthy. But with these ideas, families with members of all ages can find an engaging and enjoyable activity to experience together. Even when the lockdown and social distancing rules end, your loved ones will have new hobbies to pursue as a family.

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Gaia x GTFO = Discounted GPS!


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