Gaia x GTFO = Discounted GPS!


MassDrop Mondays!! is a great place to find great gear at discounts when it's not on sale elsewhere. Join the drop to help meet the next price break, or to take advantage of the discount achieved from everyone else's commitment.  Every Monday I'll bring you the items that I think will help you Get the Fun Out!  Drops are available for a limited time only, those below are currently available but could end soon.

Darn Tough socks! 2 pair for $36!! 1 day left for a fairly uncommon discount on the best socks you can buy.

Klymit inflatable v seat.  2 pack for $15.  I had a 50/50 experience on my elk hunt:  the first seat leaked, the second was fine.  Lightweight and very packable.  And, luckily for me, good warranty.

LuminAID packlight (Solar+USB).  1 for $20.  I love this product so much that when my 4 year old one stopped working on my week long camping trip I ordered one on Amazon for next-day delivery to be brought to me at camp.  I paid $30 (well, more like 45 after I had to buy something else to meet the next day price minimum), so get a great product at a great discount.

Ultrarunning hydration vest, $50 off.

Vapur water pouches.  2 pack for $18.  I bought this two pack a couple years ago and use them all the time.  Long hike without water stops?  Throw one or two into my pack.  Need something to make electrolyte water?  Thrown one into the pack.

Adidas Terex trail shoes - $55 off!

Mystery Ranch Glacier Backpack - $150 off!  Mystery Ranch is a relative newcomer to backpacking/hiking packs.  But they have a long history of love from hunters who use the packs to carry heavy loads long distances, and their gear is tested in the toughest conditions through their military contracts.  With that pedigree, making a comfy backpacking pack is a breeze.

Alite Mantis Chair - $50 off for a light, packable camp chair.

Garmont Dragontail GoreTex backpacking boots - $110 off!


Gaia x GTFO = Discounted GPS!


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