Gaia x GTFO = Discounted GPS!


Garmin Gear Deal Alert!! Updated with more deals!

  Get the excellent Garmin Inreach Explorer + for $75 off!  I take this on every hike.  Use it ahead of time with the Inreach web portal to map your route.  Use it on the trail to navigate.  Send status updates to social media or send text messages to anyone.  If you get in trouble activate the SOS feature and take advantage of the insurance that comes with your Inreach subscription.

  Get the Fenix 5 for $100 off.  Choose the 5x with scratch resistant sapphire glass and built in mapping technology; the 5s to put Garmin's GPS technology on smaller wrists; or the 5 to complement your Inreach's mapping with fantastic activity tracking!

  Love Garmin's technology but the Fenix a little rich for your blood, you're more of a runner, or you'd rather be on the water? Check out the discounts on the Vivosmart, Forerunner and Quatix too!

     If you're more of a road trip sort of person, check out Garmin's Alexa-powered navigation device, their excellent GPS navigation, and their dash cams, all at discounted prices.

   Not into all this running and driving?  That's fine, because Garmin golf devices, from the Approach watches and handhelds to the TruSwing swing analyzer, are all on sale!


Gaia x GTFO = Discounted GPS!


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