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(Laser) Tag, You're It!

Remember laser tag?  Remember the glamorously awesome kids in the commercials?  Remember how GD expensive that stuff was in the 80's/90's?  Remember how hot it is outside right now?  Make the dreams of 8-year-old you, who always wanted to be laser tag champion--and the dreams of current you, who doesn't want a heat stroke and doesn't want to sit inside all day--all come true at once with what I consider a highly underrated activity.

Added bonus, grown men running around saying to each other "have you seen the crystals?  I need to find the crystals!"

Maybe I'm a judgmental prick, but I always thought laser tag was lame.  I also figured it was too expensive.  Not true.  Laser tag is crazy fun.  I mean, who doesn't love playing multiplayer Halo, or Rainbow Six, or GoldenEye?  No one, that's who.  This is pretty much like playing in real just set the game constraints to 15 minutes, unlimited ammo, phasers only, unlimited respawn, three team vs mode and you're off.  Of course, different arenas will do things differently, but that's the Stratum Laser Tag setup, and it is crazy fun.  Stratum basically has a fort inside a building and looses the players to engage in combat through 15 levels (reaching 20" in height (do that math...)) of it's indoor, air conditioned combat zone. 

Turning the corner and encountering a squad of blue players is exhilarating; turning the corner and almost firing on your own team will cause you to breathe a sigh of relief in your awareness and control.  Finding the crystals will make you feel like some sort of hobbit champ.  I can't imagine going in to real combat, heck, I got nervous in the 'briefing' before my first match! 

After the match, compare stats with your friends, figure out who is most cowardly (back shots), who is least effect (terrible hit rates), who is cannon fodder (most kills), etc.  Just remember, as much as you want to play slappers only, that will get you kicked out.

Here are some laser tag venues in the Phoenix area, as located by Google.  Check with each location as they may have specials (Stratum has unlimited play on Monday nights, for example) or coupons.

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Gaia x GTFO = Discounted GPS!


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