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Sedona hike: Little Horse Trail

Little Horse Trail is a convenient hike with its trail head just past the Village of Oak Creek (the first town you pass if you are coming from the I-17).  The hike is fairly easy, with gradual elevation change and solid footing throughout.  For such an obviously located hike, the parking lot was almost empty and the trail was desolate when I hiked on a Wednesday; weekends will probably see a significant increase in traffic, though people may bypass this hike opting for the Chapel of the Holy Cross just up the street or the impression that they need to be more remote for a rewarding hike.

View from the end.
One of the "nuns" at sunset.
 Contrary to any notion that you have to go out of your way for a rewarding experience, this hike culminates with of the more beautiful views I have seen in Sedona, but has only a few enjoyable views and photo opportunities on the way due to the trail being flat and shrouded by trees.  The hike is easy enough for even novices and would be a great choice for a family or romantic picnic, or even just a good place to go read a book.  Allow 45 minutes to an hour to reach the end of the trail, where the rock formation called "The Nuns" is located.  Wrap around the large rocks on the left to climb atop the rocks, and if you are daring and experienced enough, it is possible to keep climbing up to the top of the ridge.  Though the end feels remote, it is accessible to the Pink Jeep tours, which stop by sporadically.  This trail is also open to bikes and horses, so be alert.

A Red Rocks Pass is required, but can be purchased in the parking lot.

Trail notes:
Easy hike, easy mountain bike. Nice place for a picnic lunch. Great 360 degree view at the end. Trail is open and sunny.
60 degrees at trailer head, t shirt and long pants. Windy, still got sweaty.
Blue circle: gentle elevation change, generally smooth terrain.


Gaia x GTFO = Discounted GPS!


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